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Frequently Asked Questions

WARNING! Installation of electrical wire and terminals can be hazardous if done improperly. Improper use can result in personal injury or property damage. For safe wiring practices, consult National Electrical Code and/or your local building inspector. A licensed electrical contractor or engineer must be consulted to determine that the correct wire and terminal size is used and that it is properly and safely installed for all applications.

1. Are your terminals made of pure copper?

     Yes, all Rings, Spades, Male Disconnects and Butt Splices are made with Alloy 110 pure copper. All terminals are plated with Electro-Tin for corrosion resistance

2. What material is used for Female Disconnects?

      Female Disconnects are made using Alloy 260 Brass, these are also plated with Electro-Tin.

3. Do you have special High Temp Terminals?

      Yes, we make Steel Terminals with Nickel Plating for higher temps up to 900° F

        Yes, we make Copper Terminals with Nickel Plating for high temps up to 650° F

4. What are the amperage ratings of your terminals?

      The amperage rating of any electrical circuit must be rated by the wire size used. Our terminals are rated to be equal to or greater than the rating of standard copper wire sizes.

5. What is your UL File number?

      Our UL file # on manufactured terminals is E68376, More information can be found at www.ul.com.

      Our UL file # on repackaged terminals is E333465

6. What is your CSA Certification number?

      Our CSA Cert # is 207131. More information can be found at www.csa-international.org

7. How do you convert AWG to mm² wire size?

      You can download a conversion table here

8. Your dimensions are all in inches, how do I convert these to millimeters?

      You can multiply inches by 25.4 to get millimeter equivalent. You can download a chart here

9. How much force does it take to pull a wire out of your terminals?

      We have UL/CSA listing on most of our terminals. This chart shows the UL 486 specs we test to . Please be sure to use the proper crimp tool to acheive the best performance. Other crimp tools may or may not be able to crimp to these specs.

10. What are the actual dimensions of copper wire?

      You can use this chart to get the actual dimensions of copper wire

11. What do the terms amps, watts, volts and ohms mean?

      You can download a brief explanation of each term here

12 Can you make a special part for me?

     Because of the high cost of new tooling we can only make minor changes to our existing parts. We would be happy to look at any special projects and see if we are able to help

13. Are your products RoHS Compliant?

      Yes, you can read our Compliance letter here

14. Does Hillsdale Terminal have a EICC Conflict of Mineral Statement?

      Yes, you can read our Conflict of Material Statement here

15. Does Hillsdale Terminal have "Prop 65" information on its products?

       Yes, you can read our Prop 65 Statement here.

16. Does Hillsdale Terminal have a "Reach" Statement

       Yes, you can read our Reach Statement here

17. Does Hillsdale Terminal have a "EMRT" statement

       Yes, your can read our EMRT Statement here

18. Can I check my order I want to place by Hillsdale Part numbers

       Yes, Click Check Out button on front page upper right and see the order placed under the tab on the upper right called “Order Summary” Click the arrow pointing down and you will see the complete order WITH Hillsdale Terminal PART NUMBERS to verify. You can continue the order process or go back and make corrections or adjustments.  The order is not sent to us until you check the “I Accept” Button.